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HorrorFest 3 Captured LIVE!

by zedrockk, 2786 days ago


# Boys and girls of every age #
# Wouldn't you like to see something strange? #

# Come with us and you will see #
# This, da Bugans Kinhouse #

# This is Halloween, this is Horrorfest #
# Pumpkins scream in the dead of night #

# This is Horrorfest, everybody make a scene #
# Trick or treat till the neighbors gonna die of fright #
# It's your fest, everybody scream #
# In this da Bugans Kinhouse #

# La, la, la, la, la, la #
# La, la, la, la, la #

Once again, Horrorfest was terrific!
Thanks a lot to the amazing bands!

Here are all links needed to watch what happened at bugans Home^^ :

All links for HorrorFest 3 Party on BaraZine

Have a good watch.


Zed'n'HorrorFest Crewz

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Horrorfest III: Bride of Buganstein ((October 28th-29th))

by Skoch, 2840 days ago

“Horrorfest III: Bride of Buganstein”

October 28th-29th , Friday and Saturday



>Hallo, I’m Berbon!

>>And I’m Branday!

>We’re from da Bugans gang and we need ‘lots of help!

>>Your face needs help.


>Well, da Boss’s face needs ‘lots o’ help.

>>Exactly, tell ‘em Free-Peeps all abouts it sistah!



>OK, so here’s the deal:

>Spring and Summer have both passed us like Blood draining from an open wound. 

>>Ye Wot?

>Ever since then our Boss, Skoch Ondarox, has been acting stranger-than normal.

>>A Regular Dol Guldur Downer!

>He spent all his time wrapped up in a fit of fury trying to find a Wife or something…

>>Like a Knife at yer throat!

>Now, he’s all ‘pressed-like and sleeps all-day-long on an old Coffin down in da Basement!

>>No Wives or Knives down there, sheesh!

>We’ve got to figure out a way to get our Boss outta this slump and back out there in people’s pockets!

>>We’re broke!



>Fortunately, we’ve kinda-gotta sorta-ok maybe-not Plan!

>>That’s where you come in!

>According to our most recently-lifted documents, The Infamous Gaunt-lord Stage can draw out the life-force from something and store it for later use.

>>Like a Loot Box!

>We’ve also had recent contact with a feller named Necroman-something-something from out there in dat ol’ Muddy Makes-Me-Mad Mirkwood.  He showed da Boss how to make things come back after they die, and we’ve secretly figured it out too! Ha!

>>Like those Hobbit-legs, that was fun!

>So, we need all the Music and Mayhem we can get from our friends in Middle-Earth poured into the Gaunt-lord Stage, then we can draw up enough power to bring back a proper suitor from the grave…

>>We finally gets a wedding!

>If you or any of your friends would like to come participate at this year’s Horrorfest, please feel free to write down messages on our Troll-stone Tablets ((Horrorfest Forum Sections)). 

>We’re looking for Bands, Vendors, Audience Members, Mosh-pit Mongers, Stage-Divers…

>>And Brides!

>That’s right! If anyone knows somebody that wants to get hitched, then please kidna…invite them to join us in this years’ Sacrif…Festivities!


>Find us in Stooping, on 2 Chalk Road, at da Bugans gang headquarters. (Landroval Server)

>>Enter at your own risk.

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